Duyile Adegbuyi – Whole Ft.Tomi Favored Mp3 Download

Duyile Adegbuyi - Whole Ft.Tomi Favored Mp3 Download

Gospel Music Minister and Pastor, Duyile Adegbuyi, has released his latest single, “Whole,” featuring the anointed vocals of Tomi Favored.

At the core of “Whole” lies a profound biblical message – an exploration of the term ‘whole’ beyond its conventional meaning. Duyile Adegbuyi shares, “Being whole means that your spirit, soul, and body are all aligned, healthy, and positioned towards the Lord.” The song delves into the spiritual depth of completeness and alignment with divine purpose.

As a Pastor, Duyile Adegbuyi infuses his musical creations with spiritual significance. “Whole” is a testament to his commitment to sharing messages of faith, healing, and spiritual alignment through the universal language of music.

This spiritually uplifting collaboration is now available on all major music streaming platforms. “Whole” was produced by Evans Ogboi.




Untagged Audio Download Link: https://cloudup.com/files/i3zoA9QpD1j/download

 Untagged MP3 Link: https://cldup.com/_a0sIK_ar9.mp3?download=Whole%20-%20Duyile%20Adegbuyi%20Ft.%20Tomi%20Favored.mp3

Digital Stores Link: https://songwhip.com/duyileadegbuyi/whole

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