Mercy Chinwo – Overwhelming Victory (Full Album)

Mercy Chinwo - Overwhelming Victory (Full Album)

Mercy Chinwo – Overwhelming Victory (Full Album)

The album, adorned with soul-stirring tracks such as ‘Only You Satisfied,’ ‘I’m In Awe,’ ‘More Than Enough,’ ‘Amaram Onyewem,’ ‘You Do This One,’ and ‘Lover,’ showcases Mercy Chinwo’s exceptional musical prowess. Each note resonates with a celebration of the divine, offering listeners a melodic experience that uplifts the spirit.

‘Overwhelming Victory’ is not just an album; it’s a testament to the boundless grace and goodness of the Almighty. Mercy Chinwo’s enchanting tunes create a space for reflection, gratitude, and worship, inviting all to join in the celebration of the divine triumph that echoes through each track.”



01. Mercy Chinwo – Only You Satisfied
02. Mercy Chinwo – I’m In Awe (Live)
03. Mercy Chinwo – More Than Enough
04. Mercy Chinwo – Amaram Onyewem (feat. Pst Jerry Eze)
05. Mercy Chinwo – You Do This One
06. Mercy Chinwo – Lover (Live)
07. Mercy Chinwo – Oke Mmiri (Live)
08. Mercy Chinwo – My Future My Hope
09 Mercy Chinwo – Too Many Reasons (feat. Chioma Jesus)
10. Mercy Chinwo – From The Rising
11. Mercy Chinwo – Not The Same
12. Mercy Chinwo – Father

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